UConn CSSA 拼车信息发布平台

Hello, Welcome to UCONN CSSA Car-Pool Forum! We are glad to help you find your carpool. Just remind you that personal safety is the most important issue for everyone. Be alert about the risks when you carpool with others. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a good trip!


Please read the instructions carefully before you submit your request.

(1) You are suggested to use a desktop/laptop computer to submit a request or view all responses, our forms may not work on mobile phone or touch pad.

(2) You mush use your UConn email account to log in and open the form. Ride provider and needer have different forms to submit. If you want a ride from others, please clickForm for Ride-Needer. If you can provide a ride for others, please clickForm for Ride-Provider.

(3) All the responses are shown below. After you submit your request, it may take a while before your information shows up (You can also try another browser to see if yours is shown). If your browser or device cannot support to show the form below, you can open the list for Ride-Needers by clickingResponse for Ride-Needers, and the list of Ride-Providers through the Response for Rider-Providers, a valid UCONN email account is also required to log in and view.

(4) If you still need assistance after following all the instructions above, or have comments to improve the quality of this forum, we are happy to help. Please contact our administrator zhitong.fei@uconn.edu